Windows 8 Start Menu Setup

You can pin any right-pane folder or other item to the left pane so that it's more easily accessible. You can choose it, then click Next button to delete an existing scheduled time so that your computer will not be shut down at that time. Each increase in level offers more features. Classic Start Menu See all features.

But you might as well stick with Classic Shell. Clicking on the orb triggers the traditional two-pane Start menu with your shortcuts on the left and access to specific folders and other areas on the right. Save the file and attach it in a forum post that describes your problem. You can click here to purchase a new one.

Start8 Software from Stardock

You can opt to hide the program's Start button and instead trigger its roundup of six buttons by simply moving your mouse to the lower lefthand corner. The tool will collect information about your system to help with troubleshooting. You can change the size of the TabletView screen and display its icon in the taskbar. After installation, the program asks if you want to run it as a basic, standard, standard plus, or professional user. You can even access Modern apps either through individual shortcuts or an entire folder.

Classic Shell lends itself to customization. And you can drag the slider to adjust the transparency for each style. So there seems no way to customize the menu.

With the menu as your starting point, you can navigate to virtually any application, file, or area in Windows. The familiar Search tool and Shutdown options are also accessible at the bottom of the menu. To select a setting you simply press the number associated with the particular setting that you want to disable or activate. You can choose which items you want to appear in the Start menu, such as your personal folders, documents, Control Panel, Devices and printers, and the Run command.

Windows 8 setup

You can move the smaller window around the desktop by dragging it from its title bar. And the more detailed configuration screen seemed cluttered with too many options facing you all at once. If you tick this option, Taskbar transparency will be disabled for your taskbar. This setting will launch Recovery Environment where you can access diagnostic and recovery tools. Saves me from daily frustration.

The search field lets you find the name of any application or file. You can also search for an app directly by typing its name in the search field. The Settings command lets you customize the software's behavior. It's also free, so you can run the full program for as long as you like.

Latest Stable Version 4.3.1

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Or post a message in the forums. It is important to note that once you press a number, Windows will automatically start Windows using that particular setting. You can also add Web site icons and sort each menu of icons in alphabetical order.

Clicking on the Windows orb after installation lets you choose between displaying all settings in the Start menu, silva method meditation or just the basics. Using this option allows you to boot into Windows using a resolution that is supported on almost all monitors so that you can specify and set Windows to the correct and supported resolution. This file contains detailed information about the boot process of Windows.

This mode does not display the standard Windows desktop. You can also right click any blank space in the new group and click Add item to add other items to this group.

Start8 Software from Stardock

But if you want a simple, down-to-earth Start menu, StartIsBack fits the bill. ViStart is a simple and quick way to get back the Start menu, as long as you don't mind the inability to customize the menu. Some of the collected information may be sensitive like what applications you have installed. This allows the anti-virus software to scan every driver that attempts to load and block it from loading if it detects it as malware. Then you need to name the new group.

Start Menu X - Setup Free Download for Windows 10 7 64/32 bit

You can also tell the program to automatically bring you to the desktop after you log into Windows. Metro is now baked into Explorer. Each button triggers a different function. Instead of directly displaying the menu, the program shows you a series of six buttons that form more of a Windows control center. You can easily customize StartIsBack by right-clicking the Start orb and selecting the Properties command.

The source code for the latest version is released on SourceForge. User Interface To quickly configure font Size, font color, language and account picture, just choose the option you want. When you are in the Startup Settings boot menu your mouse will not work and you need to use your keyboard to select a setting. When the search results appear click on the Settings category as shown below.

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Products Store Pressroom Support. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. If you choose not to provide them, the tool will still work but will collect less information. The traditional Run and Search commands are available. One bonus is that ViStart takes over your Windows key.

Clicking on the program's Start orb displays the usual two-pane menu with access to your programs and folders and commands for search, run, and help. You can customize and configure the program directly from the Start menu. You can also select the menu style, themes, and a variety of other features. From that menu, you can access all of your programs and open specific folders, such as Documents, Music, and Pictures.

The familiar Run command lets you type the name of a program, folder, or file to open it. The same installer works for all versions. Safe Mode is a Windows mode that uses only the most basic drivers and programs that are required to start Windows. If the crash happens while Windows starts, this can lead to an endless loop where Windows crashes during startup, automatically reboots, crashes again, reboots, etc.

The developers of Pokki aren't standing still either. Another icon shows you a list of recent files. How to Restart the Windows Explorer. Clicking on the Start orb displays a familiar two-column menu with your programs on the left and various Windows settings and locations on the right.

If you're looking for a simple, no-frills Start menu, there are better choices here. How to Open a Windows Command Prompt. This mode will also not launch any programs that are set to start automatically when Windows starts. If you tick this option, labels opening from your taskbar will not be combined automatically. The free edition is certainly worth checking out.