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UploaderDroppedCount Number of events dropped at the uploader layer of telemetry client. NumVidPnTargets The number of supported display output targets.

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DbDroppedFullCount Number of events dropped due to database being full. Quiet Indicates whether Setup will run in quiet mode or full mode. InventoryFullSync Indicates if inventory is performing a full sync, which means that the full set of events representing the inventory of machine are sent. AppraiserDataVersion The version of the data files being used by the Appraiser telemetry run. AppVersion The version of the app that has hung.

CanPerformDiagnosticEscalations True if we can perform diagnostic escalation collection, false otherwise. CatalogFile The name of the catalog file within the driver package.

ExitCode Indicates the exit code of the app. RestrictedNetworkTime Retrieves the time spent on a metered cost restricted network in seconds. ProcessCreateTime The time of creation of the process that has crashed. Ensures Windows Updates are secure and complete.

Windows 7 Home Basic Full Version Free Download ISO Review

Windows 7 Home Basic Full Version Free Download ISO 32 / 64 Bit - Softlay

Windows 7 Home Basic Full Version Free Download ISO 32 / 64 Bit - Softlay

IsDeviceRetailDemo Retrieves if the device is running in demo mode. BroadFileSystemAccess Current state of the broad file system access setting. This event sends blocking data about any compatibility blocking entries hit on the system that are not directly related to specific applications or devices, to help keep Windows up-to-date. This event sends decision data about driver package compatibility to help keep Windows up to date. UserNotificationListener Current state of the notifications setting.

RemLimited Count of files that require limited remediation changes. This event is sent when an app update or installation is canceled while in interactive mode.

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Appointments Current state of the calendar setting. Inventory events Microsoft. DriverPackageExtended A count of driverpackageextended objects in cache. Bluetooth Current state of the Bluetooth capability setting. Create and enforce policies.

RegValue The registry value for which a result is being sent. Chat Current state of the chat setting. FlightIds A list of the different Windows Insider builds on this device. DisplayGenericMessageGated Indicates whether a generic offer block message will be shown for the bios. Provider The provider of the driver package.

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This event sends data on whether Update Management Policies were enabled on a device, to help keep Windows up to date. All of this is still possible with Home Basic, but you would need to access individual applications, danial eshghe mani mp3 like the media player and photo viewer. There are a number of limitations that apply to Home Basic.

It's used to help to identify the basic form factor of the device. InventoryApplicationFrameworkAdd This event provides the basic metadata about the frameworks an application may depend on.

Revert event for target update on Windows Update Client. This event is sent at the end of an app install or update to help keep Windows up-to-date and secure.

App This event sends version data about the Apps running on this device, to help keep Windows up to date. GravityVector Indicates if a Gravity Detector sensor is found. HighestBitrate The highest video bitrate used during the Miracast session, in bits per second. CensusId A unique hardware identifier.

Microsoft Developer Network. Miracast events Microsoft. Issues Count of files with issues detected. This event sends data indicating that the device has started the phase of finalizing the upgrade, to help keep Windows up-to-date and secure. InventoryMediaCenter The count of the number of this particular object type present on this device.

Windows 7 editions

CanPerformTraceEscalations True if we can perform trace escalation collection, false otherwise. InventorySystemBios The count of the number of this particular object type present on this device. IsDeviceOobeBlocked Indicates whether user approval is required to install updates on the device. AppCrashEvent This event sends data about crashes for both native and managed applications, to help keep Windows up to date.

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Hang Reporting events Microsoft. FirstInstallDate The first time this device was installed on the machine. Subsystem for Unix-based Applications. FirmwareResetReasonPchAdditional Additional information on system reset reason provided by firmware if needed.

VersionMinor The minor version of the driver package. EventStoreResetCounter Number of times the event database was reset.

CanCollectAnyTelemetry True if we are allowed to collect partner telemetry, false otherwise. LowerFilters The identifiers of the Lower filters installed for the device.