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The soundtrack album was composed by G. Sathyan manages to find a picture of Kenny from a local newspaper and informs Veerakathi. Veerakathi initially suspects Kenny, but is not convinced he is the murderer. He is then given some secret details by a mysterious woman. Midhilapuri is an idyllic village prospered through judicious use of agriculture as the path to good life.

Your account has been verified. Thittam Poattu Thirudura Kootam Ashwath. Facebook id already exists with an account s. Kasinathan's secret lover turns out to be Meenakshi the only sister of his good friend Commissioner Rajeevan Captain Raju.

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Home My Music Settings Logout. Rage is a Indian Tamil action thriller film written and directed by A.

Sara's father is a doctor, who supports Kenny as he is blind. Sathyan is released and meets Sara, and both of them go to a place which she comes to know from Kenny's phone, which he misses during a fight with the local thugs. Deactivation link sent on your email, please check your mail. The disappearance of Swaminthan moderates Kasinathan to an extent.

Thandavam Tamil Mp3 Songs Download

Create a playlist to continue. Vijay Tamil film scores by G. As the autopsy of the murdered victims takes place under Sara's father, Veerakathi visits him and comes to know about Kenny, who is admitted there for a small accident.

Seeing the corpse, Sathyan flees. Are you sure you wish to delete this playlist?

Thandavam Video Song Oru Paadhi Kadhavu 1080 HD Full HD

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Initially, Kenny does not like her, but eventually they become friends. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Advertise on Our Site To advertise on our site, write to us at admin codenamenina. He decides to don the garb of saviour of Midhilapauri and returns to his Valiyamangalam Malika. Choose devices to download select all.

Swaminathan in his idealist moral sense is staunchly against the endeavour. The songs are composed by M. Share Add to playlist Download. Bhaskar Oru Rascal Amresh.

Search Music MP3 Songs or ArtistsThandavam Tamil Mp3 Songs Download

Meanwhile, Shankar Das is on a self-imposed pilgrimage to gather strength for a showdown with Kasinathan. Disappointed Gounder joins force with Shankar Das and craftily plots death of Swaminathan in a planned operation. The upcoming business man Dasappan Gounder Manoj K.

Are you sure to Deactivate your account? Pariyerum Perumal Santhosh Narayanan. The scene shifts to the same place after exactly a year, where a blind man Kenny Thomas Vikram lays flowers on the memorial and mourns someone's death during the bomb blast.

Dasappan Gounder is lured to a barn and is thrashed to senselessness by Kasinathan. They reach there in time to see Kenny almost kill a guy named Victor a steel company owner.

As time goes by, they become closer to each other and almost become the complete pair. Kenny's actual wife is Geetha, who decides to take revenge on those responsible for the deaths of Kenny and Meenakshi.

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Jayan and his henchmen smells an opportunity to market Cola drinks in Midhilapuri and approaches Swaminathan to start a mutually profitable business deal. He drops Kenny at a place and waits for him to return, but Kenny actually goes inside to kill someone. Verification link has been sent to. This unleashes the beast within him and true to his name, Kasinathan trounces on the hapless Gounder and Shankar Das to a vegetative life death end in the climax.

During this entire scene, Kenny is shown to produce a sound from his mouth to find his way, which is later shown as echolocation. Valentines Day Tamil Songs. Thaandavam Release poster.

Meenakshi decides to express her love to Shiva on New Year's Day which turns out to be his birthday. He is eventually caught in the middle of the Kayakalpa treatment at an ashram and goes mad in the end, spy search and destroy a just retribution to a life full of sins and debauched deeds. He and Sharath Jagapati Babu complete various missions for the Indian government. Kenny flees the scene after seeing them and takes Sathyan's taxi to escape.

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