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This is one among more than songs Mohd. Rafi for Dilip Kumar are considered classics, comics torrent especially those sentimental sad songs which touched the hearts of music lovers. The Romantic poet would have been pleased to hear the sad songs sung by Mohammed Rafi. Many actors owe their fame to the sheer genius Mohd.

Mohammad Rafi Sad Songs Lyrics - Hindi Songs Lyrics

While his rock-n-roll numbers remain popular across generations, Mohd Rafi's passion was best delivered through ghazals. Rafi brilliantly rendered the song, which many believed was sung by Johnny Walker himself. Rafi voiced for Rajendra Kumar. Rafi into prominence once again, after a long period he was overshadowed by Kishore Kumar for quite some time. It was the perfect addition to a philosophical film that was made far ahead of its time.

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Apart from a conflict with Lata Mangeshkar and Guinness book of world records, he has a spotless career record in the film industry. Jo awaz ki khoobsorti Allah ne Rafi sahib ko Aata Ki, Rafi Sahib ne us ke sath poora poora insaaf kiya or us ko bulundiyon tak ponchaya. My father and me great fan of mohammed rafi but my expired now.

Will try to include them in a separate thread later. The fast paced, peppy song was an instant hit, especially with the youth and to this day is remembered as a cult number among the songs of Bollywood. Rafi directly connects with your heart. But, also a master of expressing human blues at the same time, if you look at the sad Mohammad Rafi songs compiled by me below.

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Rafi was successful in molding his voice to match the screen appearance of the actor. It has since become an anthem for doomed lovers and desperate souls. He also won Filmfare award for this song. He is said to have spent some time with Johnny Walker before recording the song. The endearing romantic song touched the heart of every Bollywood music lover and shot Mohd.

For a film that is a near perfect synthesis of cinema and poetry, Pyaasa would have been incomplete without the voice of Mohammed Rafi. This is the most touching and emotional song that is played during wedding ceremonies. Rafi sahab ki awaz yaqayamat hamare dilon me mehfooz rahege.

Mohammed Rafi Singer, Actor. That is the kind of dedication that brings out classics.

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In this list itself, there are some super haunting numbers! Newsletter The best of Cinestaan in your inbox. Mera to jo bhi kadam hai, vo teri rah me hai, ke tu kahi bhi rahe tu, meri nigah me hai.

Mohammad Rafi lyrics song lyrics

Kash wo aaj bhi hamare beech hotey. As the voice of the crazed, passionate singer Baiju played by Bharat Bhushan, Mohammed Rafi was in full form. Embodying Raanjha's agony, the singer creates a mesmerizing rant against the world and its illusions.

Laxmikant Pyarelal's music created a sensation with its simple, refreshing sounds. Main tu Mohd Rafi ke Naqmon me jeene ka bahana dhonta hon. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. It is hard to separate the sight of Kapoor on screen from Rafi's voice.

Mohammad Rafi Sad Songs Lyrics - Hindi Songs Lyrics

Mohammad Rafi lyrics song lyrics

The same could not be spoken about his knowledge of Mohammad Rafi, however. This track from Chetan Anand's Heer Raanjha witnessed the singer evoke the heights of despair in love. By submitting this form you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of Cinestaan. Mohd Rafi made a total changeover when he started singing for Shammi Kapoor.

For all syndication related queries, contact Pramod Shinde. Rafi Saab, never seen not smiling. Rafisaab is with us and will remain with us. It is said that touched by the theme of the song, Mohd.

It takes you back in memories and reminds you of your loved one and the sweet moments you shared together. The song won Filmfare award not just for playback singer Mohd. His death had repercussions across the Hindi film industry. Such was the magic of his voice that the music of the song is often forgotten in the background.

This song stands apart from rest of the songs of Mohd. They knew only few could do that as well as Rafi. All done Thank you very much for helping us out. Rafi sahab is the one of the Greatest singers who had a magic voice with all inspirations. Your introductory statements excellent.

Thirty-seven years ago to the day, the great voice was stilled by a massive heart attack. The film also has another popular hit Mohd.