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They achieved a shot involving Luke's exit of the Wampa cave by opening the hotel's doors and filming Mark Hamill running out into the snow while the crew remained warm inside. In the first draft that Brackett would write from this, Luke's father appears as a ghost to instruct Luke. Darth Vader claims to be Luke's father.

For the original viewers of the film, this scene made it clear that Vader is not a droid. Jason Wingreen provided Fett's voice in the film's original theatrical cut and the Special Edition.

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Lucas made a deal with the studio to secure the loan in exchange for paying the studio more money, but without the loss of his sequel and merchandising rights. Instead, an artist Michael Pangrazio was hired to paint landscapes, resulting in the Imperial walkers being shot using stop motion animation in front of the landscape paintings. Denis Lawson reprises his role as Wedge Antilles from the first film. The film went on to official general release in North America and the U. Filming finished by mid-September.

Clive Revill originally provided his voice, while actress Marjorie Eaton portrayed him physically, wearing a mask. Since non-anamorphic transfers fail to make full use of the resolution available on widescreen televisions, many fans were disappointed with this choice. The films were digitally restored and remastered, with additional changes made by George Lucas. Lucas took this opportunity to make several minor changes to the film. While this practice has become more common over the years, this was relatively unusual at the time.

The character's voice is provided by James Earl Jones. Administrator of Cloud City and an old friend to Han Solo. The treatment is similar to the final film, except that Darth Vader does not reveal he is Luke's father. Despite reports to the contrary, the scene in which Luke is knocked unconscious by the Wampa was not added specifically to explain this change to Hamill's face.

The setup presented communication problems for Frank Oz, who portrayed Yoda, as he was underneath the stage and unable to hear the crew and Mark Hamill above. Luke's deceased mentor, who guides him to Yoda. During production, idée slogan site rencontre great secrecy surrounded the fact that Darth Vader was Luke's father. Luke's father and a warrior of the dark side of the Force and the Emperor's second-in command.

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He called his agent, who immediately demanded that he take the job. Bulloch also makes a cameo appearance as the Imperial officer who grabs Leia when she tells Luke to avoid Vader's trap with John Morton doubling as Fett in this scene.

Most of the changes were small and aesthetic. After the film's box office success, unhappiness at the studio over the deal's generosity to Lucas caused studio president Alan Ladd, Jr.

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Kershner commended Hamill for his performance with the puppet. Obi-Wan killed your father. Landscape paintings by Mike Pangrazio were used as backgrounds. While filming in Norway, they encountered the worst winter storm in fifty years.

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