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There are at least four possible explanations, all of which require further research. Those questions can be found here. In addition to this insecure data transmission, both tested versions of the application perform software updates in a manner that is vulnerable to execution of arbitrary code by an attacker.

The letter is reproduced here. Our technical analysis is split into three parts. This code also contains all other scripts required to decrypt data that we discuss in this report. Even in cases where asymmetric cryptography is used to transmit sensitive user data, it is used inconsistently.

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MacArthur Foundation Ronald J. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. They indicate that a new version fixing the vulnerabilities will be released in March. They ask for us to leave an address to send a bug bounty gift.

All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from March Articles with permanently dead external links Articles with short description. As of the date of publication, we have not received a reply. The application collects and transmits personally identifiable data points in a manner that leaves this data vulnerable to surveillance by third parties. Deibert, Principal Investigator.

We inquire what steps will be taken to resolve the reported issues and what the timeline will be for their resolution. It is worthwhile noting that the current unavailability of the Google Play store in China creates the need for Android applications targeting users in China to find alternative methods of updating.

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The first attack is a type of directory traversal attack. When encrypted, these requests are encrypted according to the scheme described below. For instance, by naming the saved file.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Once factored, the decryption key can be easily recovered.

Qq browser for java mobile

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Supports most features of stand-alone Opera, youtube view bot 2012 but can run on less capable phones by offloading memory-intensive rendering to proxy server based on Opera Mobile running on a server. The International Mobile Equipment Identifier is a string of numbers that is unique for every device. The third part describes our analysis of the same features in the Windows version of the application.

We performed an analysis of both updated versions to determine if the issues we identified had been resolved. The second part contains our analysis of the personal user data transmitted, as well as the software update process, for the Android version of the application. We say that aside from the problems we have already reported we have no new issues to report.

They respond saying that they have tried their best to resolve all reported problems, and they inquire as to whether we have any new problems to report. However, the strength of the encryption of these responses and their resistance to man-in-the-middle attacks also suffers from the caveats mentioned in the earlier paragraph. However, as our previous research has shown, problems of this nature are not unique to any one particular application, operating system, or company. We also report that we could not find any changes in the Windows version and inquire whether we are analyzing the right version.

We have documented all correspondence with Tencent related to these security issues in an Appendix at the end of this report. We also found that the server now encrypts its responses using the session key instead of a hardcoded key. The name of the WiFi access point to which the user is connected. With the addition of a messaging kernel and a driver model, this was powerful enough to be the operating system for certain embedded devices. The authors would like to thank Sarah McKune and Masashi Crete-Nishihata for assistance and peer review on this report.

Tencent responds providing a link to the latest Windows version saying that they have fixed a number of the issues we reported.

Category Comparisons List. We wrote python scripts to decrypt and parse these requests into a human-readable format that are available here. Unique identifier Windows randomly generates for each Windows user.

DeviceSnifferHandle and qbpcstat. Further, deficiencies in the software update process leave users vulnerable to having arbitrary code, such as a malicious spyware program, inserted by a third party and executed on their devices. This greatly increases the strength of the encryption used to transmit sensitive data. Since the algorithm is symmetric, the same key is used to both encrypt and decrypt these responses.