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Soon, the two slip into a whirlwind romance. That night she is rescued from her misery by the class bad boy, who drives her home and assures her they are not worth her tears. She pushes Sabrina in just the right ways to help her discover who she is and what she wants. She is snarky and witty and everything you would want in a bestie.

Note to self hero cheats on heroine. There was also a connection that she never could let go of.

The other missing girl, Katie Rochester, runs away from her father to be with her boyfriend Rufus but returns home. Trust is something that she no longer has in romantic relationships.

Mostly she said how Lisa was mean and she wanted to bone Tyler. If you can't tolerate these types of books, it's better to stay away.

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Sometimes you can tell when an author draws from real life people, but these were cliched friends taken from Mean Girls. She calls her family or they come see her. There for you through thick and thin. Her best friend and roommate, Julia, is hilarious. Never under Was I supposed to like anyone in this book?

We are excited to help you start saving even more for college. Ok so the beginning and middle were interesting and had me turning the pages, I loved Julia and I loved how Sabrina grew a backbone against Lisa and Chris the villains. Does she go and confront the two people who did her wrong? Now she has a chance to take a chance with her own Bad Boy Dream Boy. He rivals all of the book boy friends out there.

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Tyler, the tattooed bad boy from Sabrina's memory. Now, there's nothing revolutionary in the story line but I didn't mind because I found the characters to be really likable. Tyler is sexy, successful, and has been waiting for Sabrina all these years. Does she have the courage and the heart to make it happen? Faced with finally seeing the people from her past she finally decided to confront her ex and her ex bff who marries her ex.

Nancy with her sister Susan. Anxious families await word of college acceptances.

The story then brings us to Sabrina's life ten years later. Drawing strength from him, she left everything behind and sought a new life for herself, far away from the pain and shame. He made an assumption without asking Sabrina.

But, none of it was overdone. On that night she finds a savior in the last person she would expect to be her rescuer. The long lost bad boy who came to Sabrina's rescue on the worst night of her life.

Tyler and Sabrina were hot together. The dynamic between Sabrina and her best friend, Julia, had me cracking up. Never understand this trope. When she arrives at the party she gets an emotional punch to the gut as she watches Chris betray her right before her eyes.

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Before she can flee the scene, town bad boy and all around hottie Tyler gives her the sage advice from above and makes sure she gets home safely. Can't wait to start her book next! Toward the end, she begged her sister to do something, anything, to make sure that other women with breast cancer would not have to suffer as she had from the ravages of this disease.

So she does and breaks off her friendship to her biach friend and few months later leaves home for college never to look back. Brinker and share with your friends. What a beautiful and heart-wrenching story! They cause some damage and heart break. Other than that go forth and enjoy!

But is Sabrina strong enough to forgive? For the good and bad it did her. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Become a member and enjoy access to special offers and track your progress everywhere you earn. What happens at the reunion?

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Promise Me is a wonderful Adult Contemporary Romance. Between the powerful emotions, the pop culture references, and the relationships between friends, family, and lovers, Promise Me is a book that you do not want to miss out on this summer. By applying for the card, talking cat for computer you will be identifying yourself to Barclays as a Upromise member or visitor to Upromise.

You so want Tyler to be Sabrina's lobster and when he messes up, as he was bound to do, you want to kick his lobster hiney. But things for Sabrina start looking up once she comes face to face with Tyler again. That one guy she felt connected to though she knew nothing about. It flows well and just gets better as the book progresses. Chris and Lisa got married, though she's insecure and he claims to still miss Sabrina.

She already had trust issues. However, he has thought about Julia throughout the years and decides to attend the reunion with the hopes of seeing her. Can Sabrina find the courage to face the demons in her past, let go of the pain, and move forward into happiness?

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When Sabrina gets home she has to confront her past, She has to put all of that stuff behind her and learn to let go and forgive. Not only did she find her boyfriend in a compromising situation with her best friend, but local bad boy, Tyler Anderson, became her own personal savior in her darkest hour.

The Promise Me/For My Sister Campaign

Her Boss at her gallery Alex is sweet, kind and Gorgeous and is interested in her. Their love for the other seems all-consuming, and then the other shoe drops.

Also, I know there are some who are extremely uncomfortable and unhappy reading a story which includes cheating. They were tested as a couple, and they came out stronger and better.