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Unless they have a brilliant user name, headline or opening characters, I don't view their profiles. It is just the way the brain operates with schema. And never trust them if they agree to send you photos privately, that is not exactly making it public.

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For women pictures matter. You would be surprised how much information is readily available on the internet at no cost whatsoever. Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. We communicated via text for many months, after which time he visited a couple of times.

He reached out first, and he ended up being married. Although since men tend to be more visually orientated than women, I wonder how effective the no photo approach would work. Okay, I have your name but should I be looking for a tall or short guy? You could just as easily have opted not to post photos and wait to be contacted or contact How's that working for you so far?

Pictureless dating sites

Daily Mail Online

The site encourages us to message people without photos because they get fewer messages. Openly putting yourself out there on a dating website when married is a very dangerous thing to do. This is why I totally ignore messages from men with no picture on their profile.

Additionally, only a balanced number of women can log in against men at any given time, this is done to level the playing field, the developer explained. Based on the length of your reply I suggest starting your own blog. Why would he say in his profile he is living together, while in the one he used to start talking with me said he was divorced? You are contradicting yourself, you realize that right?

Wouldn't even consider messaging them. People with bad intentions viewing my profile is a given. When I was single and looking, I would not contact men without a photo. The app has moved away from the tried and true model of picking people to talk to almost solely based on looks, and steers people towards like-minded counterparts.

Dating Online The man with no photos

Pictureless dating site
  • From stalkers, to websites collecting photos, you have no idea where your photos are going to end up.
  • You may be able to draw in women with an entertaining profile - but that imagination factor is a large part of it.
  • If I liked what they had to say in the text - then yes.
  • You really can never be too careful, the nature of online dating makes it far too easy for men and women who want to cheat.

The more they harass me on this blog the more I hate them and will continue to trash their company. My question to you is how important is it to have pics displayed, a well written profile, perfect online dating email or even a thought out message? Even people with photos create entirely false identities online.

It is not a good thing for anyone. Hands up all those who would contact someone actually looking to date, has a profile up but no pictures upfront? What I would suggest is sitting down with trusted female friends or relatives and have them help you pick out what photos will show you in the best light.

And your question does not change the reality that you, me, and everyone else here has a free choice to post or not post photos when they set up a profile here. They had good about me text showing possible compatibility and good character. One is just a bit embarrassed and the other is dishonest and deceptive. Use wi-fi in a coffee shop?

What do other people think of this? As far as fakes with pics, that is another story but for me, I see right thru the fakes so not worried about that type at all. Even matchmaking agencies take your photo and use it to match you so I do not understand your thought process.

Some people like to take chances though. For me, I am not going to communicate with no picture. My photos aren't current, but I'm also not pushing for dates. People are foolish if they believe that your online dating profile is not being viewed by people with bad intentions.

They may be telling the truth but it makes no sense to wait to show yourself eventually you are going to have to meet right. Also, you are a man you should know better about visual factor! You could just as easily have opted not to post photos and wait to be contacted or contact men yourself. He might have several women going at the same time, it might be why his wife divorced him in the first place. Because they will assume that person is married, has missing front teeth, weighs lbs etc.

That made me feel a million times better, but if it had said married, he would have never heard from me again. And a woman's experience is different from a man's. Runs along the same lines of Facebook and their numerous breaches of security. Except that it was your free choice and everyone else's with a photo to post photos when you had a choice not to post them as well. Believe it or not, relationships not everyone wants to put their photos online for the world to see.

We exchanged email addresses and I asked if he could send me a photo via email. Think about personal safety. Launched on both Android and Apple devices during the summer, Twine is banking on people wanting to meet others based on similar interests and not solely on looks.

The one pictureless girl I met in real life last year was a hottie! My friends in New York City often had the same men sending us emails when we were trying online dating. So this one is as old as online dating itself, the man with no photos on his profile. After fussing at a semi-boyfriend for still having a dating profile up his response was to take his pictures down. By the way, any photos you post on many dating sites become the property of that website regardless of whether or not you have deleted the photos.

The Most Successful Online Dating Profile Photos Revealed

Most entries on the first couple pages of New Users don't have photos. Without any of the disastrous experiences that so many relate on here. Boris's new bed on the taxpayer! Having said that, I still think many people wouldn't respond to a person without photo. Public place at all times is all you need.

Pictureless dating site

If you are so concerned about their relationship status why not ask for a facebook profile up front or something else to prove their identity? He posted photos within the hour of opening my email! One is just a bit embarrassed and the other is dishonest and deceptive True enough. There is a lid for every pot! And buy lottery tickets with so very long odds.


Recently, I received a message from a particular guy who had several photos. There were plenty of others to choose from that did have photos. Chatted back and forth for a week and sure enough it was him, he gave me his name and phone number to start texting.

The wife started divorce proceedings. One statistic that might draw more users to the app is the ration of women to men. To me, they're just as suspicious. Excluding the obviously married looking for an affair, would it all raise a red flag to you? Men reel us in by talking or in this case, hookup wedding typing.

  1. People did fine without photos and extensive background info for a long time.
  2. It just seems like quite a lot of the men are like that or with a private back stage.
  3. Four months went by and I received an email from her and she wanted to talk.
  4. It is hard to believe that people would fall for that, but loneliness can really pull a person down into despair, after a while any glimmer of hope starts to look promising.
  5. He hemmed and hawed, kept wanting to communicate with me but clammed up whenever I asked if he could send a photo.
  6. And you wouldn't believe me anyway.

The Most Successful Online Dating Profile Photos Revealed

Pictureless profiles Free Dating Singles and Personals
Pictureless profiles Free Dating Singles and Personals

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Most of the red flags I see here come with photos attached. So, having a photo is no guarantee that someone is not married. It is just inviting bad behavior, such as married men or men who are in relationships.

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