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  • It really could have just been Pauly's show.
  • These girls don't even want to fight to win.
  • From what I could gauge, seems Nikki's got it bad for Pauly, and Derryn is ready to lock down her future with whichever one will have her.
  • Btw in the new episode preview, Ronnie's teeth look ridiculous.

The ladies vote for each other, resulting in tears. Is there a single attractive one in the bunch? But still, they were nervous! Cardinal sin of television.

Joe Jonas Pauly D To Appear On Dating Show The Choice - MTV

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Ronnie and Jenni stop by to put the women to the test, literally. Like, after the second, you just gotta let it rock. Vinnie is stiff as shit though. Yeah, they have great homies chemistry. Pauly and Vinny face off in a presidential debate.

Pauly D & Aubrey O Day Have New Reality Show

Vinny and Pauly invite Angelina from Jersey Shore to the house to help them to figure out which lady is here for the right reasons. And I don't think Maria is actually ready for a relationship right now. The women are surprised when Snooki stops by for dinner. Therefore I soooo badly wanted to love this show, but it is just awful. Pauly and Vinny go on a marathon of dates as they try to narrow it down to the final four ladies.

DJ Pauly D Vinny Guadagnino Star In Double Shot Of Love Dating Show

Pauly D and Vinny s A Double Shot at Love Preview Is Full of Cute Chicks

Personally, I think both guys are going to pick the wrong girl. And I want the plate washed in Keto-friendly soap. And the haircut he fussed over so much in Florida, just looks like a bowl cut. And why am I not only watching this but also trying to make a sociological statement about it.

No one told me to, legal age but I just wanted to. They thought I was catfishing them. Vinny picking Alyse has been obvious since three beginning.

  1. Vinny was previously attached to Aubrey O'Dey, who both met on the E!
  2. What a freakshow of crazies.
  3. Boris's new bed on the taxpayer!
  4. And then after that, you do something where you can really get to know them.

If she has a positive vibe, I gravitate toward it. As with all double-dates, the logistics are slightly confusing, but at the end of the day, the two best friends get to do what they love most, which is hang out with each other. Vinny and Pauly are so stiff and there are no girls to root for or hate watch, they all suck. Where the producers get them from is beyond me. So I sent her a giant slab of prosciutto to California.

Video See The First Look At Pauly D And Vinny s New Dating Show

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Derryn for Pauly, and Alysse vs. On the first warm, optimistically horny Saturday afternoon of March, Cut writers, friends, and single women, Emilia Petrarca and Allison P. You can smell the crazy on her. Pauly and Vinny decide who they want to take a shot at love with.

Who Wins Double Shot at Love With Pauly D and Vinny (SPOILER ALERT)

Can you imagine if I was dating someone and they saw that? But in the dating world, not so much. The budg for this show is loooooow.

He actually made the smart choice in the long run. So he wasn't even single going in. Maria for Vinny, with Elle as spoiler.

Each of the contestants will square off in various competitions during each episode, to hopefully avoid elimination. While some women take it all in stride, others crack under the pressure. Pauly and Vinny put their best foot forward when meeting their potential future in-laws. So I got sucked into watching the most recent episode of this silliness.

Just saw another ad for this show, complete with close ups of both guys. How much you want to bet Vinny's Mommy shows up too. Pauly and Vinny look to explore new connections with the ladies but Nadya and Suzi seem more interested in their friendship with each other.

And I also never missed a minute of Jersey Shore. Vinny is way out of his comfort zone and comes off as very awkward. It is one of those train wrecks you can't help but continue watching. Omg the makeup on the girl from Staten Island was horrendous!

He's now stuck with that hairstyle the rest of his life. Oh, down to earth like Aubrey O'Day, choi jung won Pauly? Sparks fly when first kisses for Pauly and Vinny make it clear which women are the favorites. The women suspect Nikki is looking for attention. This will not reignite the flavorverse and I'm sad about that.

It was more entertaining than I thought it would be. Not surprised that Elle is still there, but I may have kicked her off for that weird white short outfit at the last elimination. Log in or link your magazine subscription. Pauly isn't too bad looking, but the hair! Recent Replies Topics Replies Topics.

Victoria seems to be sleeping through the competition. Not sure what to think of Elle making out with Pauly, since she seemed to be Vinny's front-runner. This is like a vacation for them and Vinnie and Paulie are just there.

Christina s not the only contestant who voluntarily leaves the show

Movies With REAL Sex Scenes


Pauly seems to be doing his best, but Vinny just whines about being a special snowflake who can't open up. Davis, and Emilia Petrarca. The goal is to figure out who your perfect match is among strangers.


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Holly is desperately trying to make a connection, strict dating but is asking all the wrong questions. Use wi-fi in a coffee shop? Vinny is not attractive at all.

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