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Most importantly, you need to use music that is not licensed under a No Derivative Works license. What would you like to see the end of? Citizen Media Law Project. Software und Hardware Senioren lernen mit Medien. For the organization that produced them, see Creative Commons.

Artists, labels, promoters, and media representatives can connect in one place. Users licensing their images this way freed their work for use by any other entity, as long as the original creator was attributed credit, without any other compensation required. If there is a community we are missing, please add it to our wiki as this page is periodically updated. Feil Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft.

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That's Great News makes plaques out of newspaper articles and sells them to the people featured in the articles. Work licensed under a Creative Commons license is governed by applicable copyright law.

We will not sell or give away your e-mail address. Without share-alike, derivative works might be sublicensed with compatible but more restrictive license clauses, e.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Creative Commons. Creative Commons-licensed works. Free-culture and open-source movements. Free and open-source software portal.

The judge also determined that the work had been properly attributed. In the Open Source Initiative Licence review mailing list. The Intellectual Property Law Review. Legal Music for Class Projects Mrs.

There are several types of Creative Commons licenses. Zurich, Switzerland restorm. Make a film for a competition for a great cause Love Your Creativity. Creative Commons - Nigeria Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization. The photos were licensed under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial license.

The licenses differ by several combinations that condition the terms of distribution. Open government Open-source governance. The Lower Court rejected the collecting society's claims because the owner of the bar proved that the music he was using was not managed by the society.

Collaborative writing Democratic media Open publishing Participatory media Peer review. Licensees may copy, distribute, display and perform only verbatim copies of the work, not derivative works and remixes based on it.

Creative Commons Music For Youtube. Creative Commons Natasha Pilling.

Take a stand for an open and equitable world. Find out more on Wikipedia's Sister projects. Creative Commons jurisdiction ports.

Internet Cases, a blog about law and technology. Why did your highlight video get deleted from YouTube?

Creative Commons license

Royalty free free music - Ultimate Metal Forum. Free music Free Resources. Music you can legally use in your Zoe clips Droider. Can I use a Creative Commons license for software?

Adding sweet music to your podcast New Media Momma. No-derivatives licenses are not compatible with any license, including themselves. It will be used solely for communication from Creative Commons.

Legal Music For Videos - Creative Commons

Peer-to-peer banking Peer-to-peer carsharing Peer-to-peer lending Peer-to-peer ridesharing. Commons-based peer production Crowdsourcing Gratis versus libre Open collaboration Openness Participatory culture Sharism. The original non-localized Creative Commons licenses were written with the U. Drauglis sued the defendants in June for copyright infringement and license breach, seeking declaratory and injunctive relief, damages, fees, and costs.

Creative Commons license

While the verdict was in favor of Curry, the tabloid avoided having to pay restitution to him as long as they did not repeat the offense. University of Michigan Library.

Some works licensed using Creative Commons licenses have been involved in several court cases. In the case of works protected by multiple Creative Commons licenses, the user may choose either. Non-commercial licenses are compatible with each other and with less restrictive licenses, video er exe except for Attribution-ShareAlike.

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