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Thus, the dispute ended between the two musicians. Thus began his ambitious journey to becoming one of the most sought after musicians of the county.

It is safe to say that Pakistani artists have continuously been a part of the Indian musical imagination and vice versa. Having acquired no formal training in music, Goher has strived hard through countless hours teaching himself not only how to playing the guitar, but to compose, write songs and sing. Unlike Fawad, critics found his acting weaker than his vocals. The single was a major hit all over Pakistan, topping all of the charts in the country, just after a month of its release. Also, if the songs are high budget, the record labels in Pakistan are reluctant to promote you.

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This is where music fans turn to find their genre of music. Furthermore, Jal will act as brand ambassadors to Gibson. He is an avid listener of all types of music from around the World. Aadat combined awards with Atif Aslam. Parinda is a song about revitalising your spirits, liberating yourself from the things that hold you back.

Main Mast Hoon Boondh A Drop Of Jal Jal The BandNew Hindi Video Songs

Main Mast Hoon Boondh A Drop Of Jal Jal The Band

The mixing and engineering of the album was done by Mekaal Hasan and Goher Mumtaz. This was followed by a live tour, mainly in South Asia, with concerts all over Pakistan, and a few places in India. The song enjoyed the status of the most downloaded Pakistani song on the internet for quite some time and was extensively popular by the time the video was released. Alternative rock pop rock pop.

All songs on the album were composed and written by Goher Mumtaz with the exception of one track, which is written by Farhan Saeed and the album was produced by Mekaal Hasan. From sleepless nights trying to grasp all the notes in a single song and re-producing them on his six-string. He showcases his artistry as the multi-talented composer, guitarist, lyricist and singer.

Problems playing this file? Media Gallery Find Us on Facebook. Similar concerts across various top colleges keep taking place. In return, Gibson will sponsor the varied endeavours of the band and also provide concert halls and equipment as and when required.

We did concerts in Dubai, Bahrain, India to name a few. So, yes, social media is going to be the real game changer this time.

There are some good old phrases which we excessively use in our daily lives, to make people understand our point. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This led to a dispute between Atif and Jal about who owned the rights to the songs as Goher took the dispute to court. He went on to winning countless singing competitions at his college and performing live at local concerts in various fast food restaurants around Lahore. Obviously, my encounter with girlfriends was as close to zero as it could get. Follow us on Instagram themagzone. As a lyricist his writing is influenced by both personal and social themes reflective in our daily lives.

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Was it difficult composing a song along the same line as your previous songs given the changing trend of music? By the end of this year, around September, we have songs lined up. As far as the time gap between two albums is considered, it is also because an album generally contains seven to eight songs and it takes time to write the lyrics and compose them all.

In December, Jal received a special award by Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital in recognition of their support and efforts to raise funds for fighting cancer in Pakistan. We play along with the line of Latin acoustic guitar and that we did not want to change. Their music like itself knows no exceptions and boundaries. Marketing has also become cost-effective now, record labels are no more an essential part of the plan.

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It was during this period that Goher could devote his entire time concentrating on his music. Following this, Jal also became the brand ambassadors for the Abu Dhabi based mobile telecommunication company, Warid Telecom. Musical groups established in Pakistani musical trios Pakistani musical groups Pakistani rock music groups Musical groups from Lahore establishments in Pakistan.

This article is about the band. The name suggests that we as a band are just like a small droplet of water in the sea of music, which covers Pakistan, Asia and the entire world where our music is heard. Goher offered that I could pursue my solo career while being a part of the band, mp3 majlis but for me it's always been black or white as Jal would be my priority if I stay with the band.

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The song is about breaking free and not following the script that the world has written for you, in its spite, writing one for yourself. For a list of Jal's upcoming concerts one can refer to their. Of course, you see in the past few years the new emerging artists have had a very strong role of social media in showcasing their talent. We had always wanted to do a Sufi song, Udd Jana from our album Pyaas is one for example. The song top all the music charts in few days after it released.

As a musician he is influenced by various styles of music. Sales of the album were such that it remained at the top of the Pakistani music charts for several weeks after its release. At present we have Parinda for our fans. Then there are the media, which can be promotive but the political turbulence of both the countries is on their priority lists.