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When she goes inside, she remembers all of the memories that her and the family had at the house. Everyone is stunned when Bob gets carried away with his new makeover. Dabney, and they try to find evidence to prove it, while babysitting Charlie.

This episode premiered on the show's website on DisneyChannel. Then she tells Bob that she wants the family to stay at the house. Elsewhere, Gabe must do a report on an older person, so he decides to write it on their neighbor, Bert Doogan, stating that he had an amazing career as an astronaut.

Meanwhile, Teddy attends the annual Student U. Gabe has a crush on the new neighbor, Lauren - who turns out to be Mrs. Select the sources you want displayed in the episode guide. In order to earn money for her outfit, she gets a job at a beach store where Spencer is working.

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Teddy wants Ivy to cast Charlie as the lead role, but first, she must audition. As soon as they arrive, they become convinced that the house they are staying in is actually haunted.

Amy goes overboard with Charlie's birthday party. To celebrate their anniversary, Gabe, Amy and Bob go to the movie, but Charlie wrecks the feast by starting a one-baby food fight. Each episode of this family-friendly show revolves around Teddy recording the events of her family life as sort of a digital scrapbook for Charlie to look upon as she grows older. The episodes usually follow the Duncan family through their everyday experiences. Later on, both episodes were combined and aired as a full hour long special.

Teddy then comes up with a plan to get herself fired in order to give her brother the spotlight he deserves. Dobbs, another neighbor, planned the whole scheme in order to spend time with Bert. After wandering onto sacred ground, Amy gets the entire family cursed, but refuses to believe it, until she is trapped in an elevator with a claustrophobic woman. Their plan backfires when Amy and Mary Lou find out from Gabe and set out to track the girls down.

They take Charlie's stuffed monkey and destroy it to find the earring, but it is not there. Hammerstone gives her the nickname, T. In the third season, Amy Duncan gave birth to the newest member of the Duncan family, Toby. Towards the end of the crazy day of Charlie's birth, the Duncans have a new sister and take a family picture.

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Luke Benward also recurred in a six-episode arc this season. Amy complains that she has to go, and Teddy is glad that she does not have to go to one of these outings, until Beau asks her to go. Meanwhile, Gabe and his basketball team fire Bob as their coach and hire Amy instead, after winning their first game under her guidance, but soon realize their mistake. She runs off after the kiss. Teddy goes to work at Bob's extermination business.

After learning that Spencer is dating a new girl, Teddy decides to date someone new as well, but her new guy looks very much like Spencer. Teddy receives threatening notes from a mystery student. United States Copyright Office. Amy asks Teddy to get Linda away from her as much as possible. Things go awry when Amy and Linda learn they are performing the same song at the annual Duncan Christmas Eve talent show.

Beau and Teddy go on a date to a Western-themed restaurant. On the other hand, Bob is anxious to know, so he asks Gabe to help him get the ultrasound of the baby.

When Teddy is supposed to be watching Gabe and Charlie, they make a huge mess in the kitchen. Unfortunately, only Spencer got the job, and it was said to be really hot the next week, and Martha Washington is Sandy Super, the cute, smart niece of S. Dabney manipulates Gabe into attending a ceremony in honor of her charitable work. Mary Lou Wentz wins an audition to sing the national anthem at a Denver Nuggets basketball game, but Teddy is forced to lip sync for Mrs.

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Bob tries to come up with a way to bring in new customers for the extermination business. Eric Allan Kramer Bob Duncan.

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Teddy takes Charlie to see Santa Claus, but he decides to go on break right when it's Charlie's turn. Spencer tries to win Teddy back, which results in him kissing Teddy on the ski lift. Elsewhere, Bob struggles to find the perfect gift for Amy. You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload. After Teddy's break-up with Spencer, she and Skyler meet up to make a song, dissing Spencer, to post online.

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It's time for Amy's baby shower and Charlie reveals the surprising reason her mom wanted the celebration in the first place. The Duncans go on a family road trip to a ski resort in the mountains. Bob and Charlie stay at home and give out Halloween candy to trick-or-treaters.

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Amy is trying to get herself a full time job on Good Morning Denver since the main lady is leaving the show. Watch Good Luck Charlie now on. This is a combined minute special episode for both Good Luck Charlie and Jessie. After choosing their ideal car, the Serenade, they take it home, but to their luck, plants vs zombies full version windows 7 it does not fit inside the garage.

The night turns into a disaster when Teddy finds out that Beau's aunt Karen is actually the woman that Amy can't stand, the one who worked at the hospital with her. The letter says that a large amount of money is buried in Mrs. The rare termites that Bob brought home escape into the house.

Bob and Charlie find out Spencer is back in town and Teddy wants him at her going away party. Furthermore, they try to win tickets by entering a video contest which they unfortunately lose. Still, Teddy is humiliated at the talent show.

Spencer said he'd think about it and then comes along with Victor, Skylar, Emmett, Mrs. Fans had been given the chance to vote for the name online. Gabe tries to get Amy's much delayed news segment on the air, so she can stop intruding on his alone time with Lauren. Amy attacks the Viking and she and Teddy take down the Viking.

Mia Talerico Charlie Duncan. Bob confiscates Teddy's cell phone when she exceeds her texting limit.