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Like the Taliban, many traditional-minded Pashtuns view music and most other forms of entertainment as an immoral distraction from one's religious duties, if not as the devil's work. Every time, her family forced her to go back to her husband. Ghazala Javed's voice may have rescued her and her family from poverty, but even before her death she paid a daunting price. Please Ghazala Marhooma mazi ka tazkira mat karain.

Pashto singer Ghazala Javed and her father shot dead in Pakistan

Don't sad on her becz she was a dancer as wel as singr. Pakhtoon yaw ghairati qaom dy chy pa tola dunya k noom lagi gi. Phr b lanat to un mardo par ho jo khud pehlay singing, dancing nd porn movies dekhtay hay or phr in k khilaf boltay b hay. Or hazzar lanat aisi mardangi par jis may qom ki lrkia aisay kam krti hay or is haal ko pohonchti hay.

Nevertheless, police quickly eliminated any suspicion that the Taliban might have been responsible for her death. Allah de Gada Wada Oobakhi. For a singer, marrying into a Pashtun family means giving up everything.

We have just words for criticism. He banned television, music, and public singing and dancing, even at weddings and private parties. And yet against all expectations, the court found in her favor. Singers and dancers were singled out for punishment. And that's leaving aside the persistent risk of being murdered by the Pakistani Taliban's zealots, who have been known to kill musicians merely for being musicians.

Farhat did so and was walking toward the car with the bag when she heard gunshots. When that didn't work, Jahangir turned nasty. What i will say every one already took a part in her body what will left to me? Her birthplace was Swat Valley, Pakistan. All friends are requested plz dont say unethical words about a person who is not between us now.

Ap sb to zinda hay na apni fikr karay. Her musical career had skyrocketed in the six months since her divorce, but Khan says something seemed to be bothering her that evening.

Her father was already lying dead in the car, having been hit by three bullets. So many muslim community of female has been used and compelled by affluent members i. The move may have seemed like no more than a hopeless gesture in the face of Pakistan's tradition-bound, male-dominated society. Gul was immediately impressed by his new pupil.

And he refused to give up. Ghazala's fans were ecstatic. She was originally from Peshawar, Pakistan. She has a sweet and clear voice. May her soul rest in peace.

She says she clearly saw Jahangir and his cousin Iqbal standing beside the car, each with a pistol in hand. She will always b alive in our hearts nd thoughts.

During her short lifespan, she recorded around twelve albums and many single songs. God Bless You Ghazala javed you are in my Heart and i will never forget you i love your all songs and sweet voice. Ghazala Javed is one of the few Pashto singers whose songs I can tolerate. Us ne jo kea wo sb le k chali gae. Khpal zan ta khpal iman ao Aakhirat ta dua pukaar da.

Freedom from the Forbidden Pashto Singer Ghazala Javed Killed

Any Pashtun woman could have told her what a mistake that was. Back home in the Swat Valley, Ghazala and her father are lying side by side in Mingora.

We dont delve into the matter. She left her studies when she was in class five. She was a noble and beautiful women.

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Gharida Farooqi Wiki Marathi. It's almost unheard of for a Pashtun woman to file for divorce, and it's even rarer for a Pakistani court to grant such a petition. According to Islam, killang of single person is like killing of all the people of univers. May Allah place you both in Jannah, you are shaheed!

Jahangir even promised to let Ghazala sing if she would only go back to him, Nishat says. The reports state that Ghazala Javed was heading out of a beauty salon when she and her father were shot in the car by these supposedly unknown men. They had been devastated by her sudden disappearance from the Pashto music scene. She started early singing in the of and now she is a popular pashto singer.

Poverty koi reason ni galat kam k leye. The secret of her success was her authenticity.

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Salma Naz and Ghazala Javed. Ghazala Javed the new smart singer of pashto music, Ghazala Javed is the famous singer of Pashto music, Ghazala Javed has a lot of fans in Pashto world, pk new hindi film songs She has a sweet voice.

Her father gave his consent. The marriage was doomed from the beginning. But as her fame as a wedding singer increased, the brutal Pakistani Taliban commander Maulana Fazlullah began seizing control of the formerly peaceful Swat Valley. All of the rounds were fired from. Nishat suspects that her daughter even told him she was going to have her hair done the day she was shot.

Tuesday October 5 2010

Her work was not only popular in Pakistan but also in other nations such as Afghanistan, Britain and in the community who was fond of such music in Middle East countries. Nabeeha Ejaz Wiki Marathi. Jahangir was furious, according to Ghazala's family. Muhammed Javed had seen Ghazala's ex-husband driving by repeatedly and called his wife to let her know. Ghazala Javed performing This morning, with my head buried in a pillow, I extended my hand to reach for my phone that's how I wake up - the phone has to be the first thing I touch and see, lawl.

Freedom from the Forbidden Pashto Singer Ghazala Javed Killed

May Allah blees her in Jana. As they headed for the car, Ghazala discovered that she had left her handbag behind, and she asked her sister to go back inside and retrieve it. Jahangir immediately laid down the law, forbidding her to perform in public and ordering her confined to his family's house. Ghazala Javed wasn't her usual lighthearted self when she and her sister, Farhat, arrived at the hairdresser's that Monday evening in June. By that time Ghazala's family had fled to Peshawar for safety.

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