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But it was wasted talent, as the plot played a spoiltsport. Her food may need a few tea spoons of salt but her subscription to Vogue, Cosmo and Femina are up to date. Though she is great actor but I think makers of this movie picked her because of her success streak. Vidya Balan Neetu also did a pretty good job but her loudness sometimes irritates.

The ending could have been made much better but ultimately the writer seems to have decided to stick to Bollywood style. After the successful robbery they decide to stay low for three months and forcefully give Sanju the responsibility of safekeeping the money. Pandit and Idris decide that they can not trust Sanju anymore, they need to keep a close eye on him in case he runs away. And this movie isn't quite funny. As a result the viewer is simply eager to know the secret in the end and then walk away hurriedly.

Bereft, confused and tired, Sanjay throws his phone out of the train while Neetu smiles. Vidya is miss-cast in my view.

He accuses her of conspiring with his friend. Plus it is also one of those projects which repeatedly questions the funny functioning of our Film Censor Board, probably having different set of rules for different film-makers. Depicting serious events like running away with the loot from the bad guys in a manner where the mob moves in with you is done rather humorously.

Its a great plot but very poorly handled. Well written and well executed comedy.

Ghanchakkar had a brilliant premise set for an excellent dark comedy. Her demeanor looked over-smart.

But somehow on screen, the movie didn't turn up well. The unknown person searches Sanjay's pockets, only to find a banana. But the director sticks to a very common one that literally irritates you. She has here moments but her character is poorly written. It has two immensely talented actors Rajesh Sharma and Namit Das who can add a great value to the proceedings, unarguably.

An Interesting change for Emraan as he switches to a nascent genre. Could have been a good plot, but its so bad as a story that no work on it could have saved it. They give him a week to return the loot or threaten dire consequences.

Walking outta the theatre after watching Ghanchakkar, I felt like a victim of that Expectation vs Reality meme. With minutes of less Ghanchakkar could have been, if not great, a better movie. Ghanchakkar is a crazy, quirky rollercoaster suspense ride that will surprise, shock and entertain the audience at every turn. In a typical thriller, they try to show different possibilities and finally present a hilarious conclusion, dinosaur 3d games which neither amazes you nor makes you laugh.

Apart from the suitcase full of money there was a bag too! Unfortunately the biggest disappointment comes from Vidya Balan only who keeps trying to justify a very confused and badly written character throughout, in an over the top manner. The running gag about her cooking his hilarious. He was too good in his previous two movies but unfortunately not so good in this one. Acting has been good from both the co-stars but in vain.

Ghanchakkar songs

The above questions are like salt at times missing from Neetu's cooking, but at the same time add mystery in the right amount to enjoy this crazy concoction! The story had potential but it turns out confusing and bizarre! After pulling it, Pandit and Idris decide to keep the money Sanjay and only after three months, they will collect their respective shares of the loot.

Even Juhi Chawal despite her age was better choice than Vidya. After seeing her husband bruised, punched and injured would you expect a house wife to take on armed mobsters, beating them with a broom stick till they apologize profusely for their behavior. No director has done it before. You laugh at him for being silly and feel sad for him as he tries hard to remember his past. With Sunjay Dutt's special appearance and some missing scenes like Neetu with an aerosol.

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Then, he suspects his wife Neetu of knowing the hiding place of the money because she has joint account with him and also sole-access to their bank-locker. Engages you from very first seen and keeps you on the edge till end. Being a die-hard Vidya Balan fan, apart from her ever-amazing performance, I have to admit she was an eyeful treat. Amit Trivedi's background score totally matches with the movie's theme and it stands out at times. Everything goes according to.

Ten minutes into screenplay, you are annoyed with Vidya Balan's diction. Emraan Hashmi seems to be getting better with every movie he does.

He just amazes you with his act. Something was lost in translation. But here the writer cares for neither.


Alright, the trailer of Ghanchakkar left me awaitng its release due to its premise and star cast. Hashmi is perfect as the memory lost thief. After a certain point the film doesn't move. After three months, Pandit and Idris discover that Sanjay lost his memory in an accident with head injury and hence, Sanju is suffering with retrograde amnesia. There are no big loopholes in it.

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They stay at Sanjay and Neetu's house until Sanjay remembers where he hid the money and to make sure they're not cheated. So much more happens without any logic.

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