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Ireland United Kingdom United States. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. British Board of Film Classification. Caleb Landry Jones as Frank. Female-forward and class-conscious, allegorical and adventurous, Byzantium is almost the anti-Batman.

Byzantium was besieged by Greek forces during the Peloponnesian War. Its capital Constantinople stood on the site of ancient Byzantium. The film's opening gives the feeling that it has a dark secret to be revealed, layer by layer, as it proceeds. Humans need to tell stories.

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Realising what she is, the old man invites Eleanor to his house and tells her that he is ready for death. Visually speaking, the film sets a great mood and atmosphere right from the very start. Anyway, if you're looking for a good vampire movie, check this out.

Eleanor and Clara seek sanctuary in a dilapidated coastal resort. Editorial Review This Article has been reviewed for accuracy, reliability and adherence to academic standards prior to publication. Not entirely believing it, he shows it to their teacher, Kevin. Jordan is no stranger to the yearnings of vampires.

The story concerns a mother and daughter vampire duo who move into a rundown hotel while hiding out from other vampires. Dark Phoenix Lands with a Thud.

Clara meets lonely Noel, who provides shelter in his deserted guesthouse, Byzantium. Ancient settlements in Turkey. While Darvell gives Clara a pearl and is kind to her, Ruthven convinces her to come away with him, to Darvell's dismay. This was a common process in ancient Greece, as in Athens where the city was named after Athena in honor of such an intervention in time of war. This combination of imperialism and location would affect Constantinople's role as the nexus between the continents of Europe and Asia.

Byzantium (film)

Thure Lindhardt as Werner. He is eager to pass knowledge on to his students. Many of the residents of both Byzantium and Chalcedon fled, fearing reprisals from the Persians. My story can never be told. Clara gives Eleanor the money saved from running the brothel and tells her it is time for them to part ways.

Byzantion later conquered Chalcedon, across the Bosporus. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Clara shoots Ruthven in the leg, steals the map, and makes her way to the island to become a vampire.

And I'm not even saying that putting in a romantic element was a bad choice, because they did the best they could with Frank and Ella's character, but it's not something that I find very interesting. History at Lincoln College Normal, Illinois and has always been and will always be a student of history, ever since learning about Alexander the Great. Under appreciated horror film.

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While the narrative of the film may not have been incredible, I was actually fairly intrigued by the movie enough to keep me hooked and interested in what was going on. Head of Alexander the Great with Amun's horns. Two mysterious women seek refuge in a run-down coastal resort. The war was quickly settled, and the city agreed to reduce its harsh policies.

Having seduced Noel, Clara turns the Byzantium into a makeshift brothel and Eleanor joins the local college, which Frank also attends. Although an ally of the Roman Empire and in many ways becoming very Romanized, Byzantium remained fairly independent. The Athenians wanted to control Byzantium because they needed to import grain through the Strait from the Black Sea, realplayer converter to mp4 and the Spartans wanted the city to stop the grain flow to Athens. The Useful Information about Istanbul.

Articles containing Greek-language text. Ancient Greece Byzantine Empire. The Brethren begin hunting Clara and Eleanor.

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Ronnie Masterson as Old Lady in Hospital. They've remained the same age for years when they became vampires, that can live in the sun and need human blood to survive. The pattern and the amount of blood surrounding the rag on the floor consistently changes between shots. Noel is accidentally killed falling down the lift shaft.

This section needs expansion. The story drags a bit, bouncing back and forth in time in a manner that is sometimes useful, sometimes not. Eleanor proceeds to kill him and consume his blood. He had asked the Oracle at Delphi where he should found his new city.

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Very flawed heroes to say the least. But, thankfully, in this movie, they at least make the attempt to build a relationship between the two characters based on mutual attraction and not just because somebody sparkled in the sunlight.

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