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Keep back flat - do not arch. By returning to the aerobic rowing exercise between each set you are increasing your aerobic capacity, endurance and burning fat as energy. Now locate the Incline Support Bracket. This exercise emphasizes the hamstring muscle group biceps femoris, semimembranosus, semitenonosus on the back of the thigh.

If, however, the bar and the nylon strap separated during shipping, follow these instructions for reassembly. Slide upper half onto lower half.

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This exercise will, however, strengthen the muscles on the insides of your thighs adductor muscle groups. Do this routine when you are limited in time or just want a variation to your normal routine. Please follow these assembly instructions carefully.


Locate the Rear Leg and Seat Rail. This exercise develops the triceps muscle located on the back of the upper arm. Do it to strengthen and build these muscles. It also involves the front shoulder muscles anterior deltoid, a portion of the middle del- toid and the triceps, which are located on the back of the upper arm.

The numbers and the tape mea- right side, and back. This attachment comes complete in one box, with everything you need to assemble your new accessory. To make this warranty or workmanship.

Other foreign and domestic patents pending. The program is a proven method for achieving maximal fat loss over a six-week period. It should be noted that rotation is more limited in the spine than most people realize and should be performed with minimal resistance, and always in proper alignment. For best results, follow them exactly.

For you to get the best possible results, you must be willing to exercise very intensely on the Bowflex machine and adhere to a strict eating plan. To keep your Bowflex in top condition check all fasteners and Rod Caps before each workout and tighten as needed. Optional Equipment Optional Equipment Bowflex is constantly working to provide you with the latest innovation and information to help you reach your goals. Standard Position is the way it came, vice city missions games approximately the same width as the U-Bar that was previously attached to your Power Pro.

Bowflex Power Pro Assembly Manual

Components for this Now locate the Bench. Squat Attachment Cable Ends. It also works the muscles on the outside of your hip gluteus medius on the side that you are standing on.

This exercise emphasizes the back portion of the shoulder muscles the rear deltoids, as well as the rear portion of the middle deltoids. Extended Position for enhancing your chest and shoulder exercises. Clamp the jaws over the pinched skin and fat. Train each muscle group to failure before moving on to the next exercise.

To expand your Bowflex from lbs. Do not try to suck surements are great, but actually seeing differ- in your stomach. Submissions may be selected for use in promotional marketing materials. These muscles are essential for standing balance and lateral agility of the ankle.

This exercise emphasizes the muscles on the front of the upper thigh quadriceps muscle group which are responsible for straightening your leg against resistance. This exercise emphasizes the biceps muscles which are located on the front of your upper arms and are primarily responsible for bending your elbows.

Slide Seat to end of seat rail and lower to flat position. There is no exercise that will burn fat from a specific area. Lift with your legs not Keep your knees bent and head up. The triceps muscles, located on the back of the upper arms, are worked throughout the entire motion as they try to prevent the elbows from bending. The biceps muscles on the front of the upper arm are also involved in this movement.


This exercise emphasizes the latissimus dorsi, teres major and rear deltoid muscles which make up the large pulling muscles of your upper back. It is important that you accurately perform each task, then at the end of the six-week program, repeat the process in the same manner.

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Muscle Strength is the maximum force that power using the correct joint movements, as you can exert against resistance at one time. Your rods are sheathed Disconnect the cables from the Power Rods with a protective black rubber coating. Fast Fat Loss Now Physical Therapy field has caused the authors of this manual to caution against performing this exercise because of the unnatural twisting movement created in the shoulder joint. Do not neglect any muscle group. Components for this Locate the Vertical Mainframe.

What do I do and strength-building routines. Assembling Your Bowflex T-Bar Your t-bar was shipped fully assembled with the metal bar resting in the loops of the nylon strap.

Bowflex Power pro Assembly manual

Take that assembly and slide it into the Seat Rail channel, starting on the end closest to the warning label. Keep your knees bent and your head up. This exercise emphasizes the back and top parts of your forearms. Where the straightedge intersects the line in the middle column appropriate to you, you will find your body-fat percentage.

This exercise involves the entire chest muscle, the front shoulder muscles anterior deltoid, a portion of the middle deltoid and the triceps, which are located on the back of the upper arm. Just strap foot to the Pulley Frame with the straps located underneath the foot. Maintain good spinal alignment. Secure with bolts that were set aside.

Work each set to near exhaustion. This exercise emphasizes the triceps muscles located on the backs of the upper arms. This exercise strengthens and develops the muscles on the outside of your lower legs peroneals. This exercise will not burn off fat from your inner thighs or make them smaller! If needed, include an aerobic activity to increase your caloric expenditure and help to reduce your body fat levels to achieve a defined muscular look.