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Alice Cohen Artificial Fairytales. Possessed Revelations Of Oblivion. No Lo Trates Daddy Yankee ft.

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The Who - Who Rarities

Happy Jack live - - Recorded live in Monterey. Circles - - The Who produced version, which is a completely different recording than the My Generation - Deluxe version.

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Please note that I haven't gone to extreme lengths to identify every possible variation. Sister Disco live - - Recoded live in London. Boris The Spider - - This is an extended edit version.

This would have been an official Who album release. This version sounds much better, as it's complete. Run, Run, Run mono mix - - This version seems to have a different vocals and guitar feel, which makes it sound much different than the stereo mix.

Solo Amice Remix Demi Lovato ft. Anytime You Want Me interrupted recording - - Recording stops after Roger has trouble with the lyrics. This section specifically identifies and consolidates these tracks - hopefully making them easier to find for you. This is the best live version of the song I ever heard.

Whiskey Man - - Alternate version. If you see something missing that you feel should be listed in this section, please e-mail me and I will consider adding it.

Under My Thumb - - Mono version with the lead guitar intact. Discography Production discography. No part of this website may be copied or used for any other purpose without the express permission of the site owner. Bundesverband Musikindustrie.

Katy Perry Never Really Over. British Phonographic Industry.

Bargain Live - Recorded live in San Francisco. Benjamin Ingrosso Ofenbach ft. Heat Wave - - This is an extended edit version. Australian Recording Industry Association.

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You can hear the edit in this sample. Summertime Blues live - - Recorded live in Monterey. For example, if there is a mono mix of a particular song and a stereo mix, the rarer mono version doesn't necessarily qualify as a rarity.

Odorono mono mix - - No lead guitar. Batman - - mono version, originally released on Ready, Steady Who.

Baba O'Riley live - - Recoded live in London. You can hear the extended ending in this sample. It was only issued in simulated stereo. If the rarity has more than one source, I will list what I consider the most common.

This intro was edited out of the promo's for rebroadcast. Unfortunately, this song was never mixed into stereo, as the mono mix quickly fades Keith Moon's fantastic drumming shortly after the start of the song. Music Saved My Life featuring B. Call You Mine Bebe Rexha ft.

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Not only was the extended ending with additional dialog edited out, mobi ebook reader but additional dialog was recorded for the song and unused. Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors.

Behind Blue Eyes live - Recoded live in London. Rick James The Ultimate Collection. Chapman Square Repackaged. For a complete list of productions done by B.

However, if the mono mix has something unique about it, then it will be listed here. This version is also edited. However, it mistakenly was an unfinished mix, without the lead guitar.

Electronic Ambient Electronic Rock Score. Despacito Daddy Yankee ft.

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Pete Meaden rewrote the lyrics and I'm The Face was born. Scattered throughout my website are various rarities - i.