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You have to be very careful that you know the rules and strategies for each game. Many people only notice the second part and think their balance is going down after a winning hand. No, you are likely being confused by the way it pays the bet and then rebets the same amount.

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Now that the message boards are reopened, these kinds of questions will get faster and more accurate answers there. With your experience, what do you think a general estimated or spread would make hourly in betting units? No firm timeframe yet for the new version, but I know it is months away still. Now I have so much negative experience putting my money on the tables and watching it exchanged for plastic cheques. And again I continue to win.

On the screen colors, I may experiment with that a bit and see what I can come up with. You can also click on any of the links in the sidebar to try out these new blackjack games. Can you describe what you see instead of what you expect? It becomes literally impossible for you to win if you play enough hands because of the law of large numbers.

If the dealer gets a blackjack, he only wins even money. Am I looking like I have an edge over the game or is this sample size too small to be meaningful? Yes, there are still quite a few games with late surrender in Las Vegas.

No, there is no problem with the paying of winning hands in the free game. This happens nearly every time. The trainer does allow doubling on soft hands. How about an option to turn off the card total display?

Your advantage is going to heavily depend on your bet spread, and the bet ramp. Can I expect the same odds of wining on your site vs live action?

Your winning streak is the result of luck. If prior history is repeated, I will be inundated with emails asking why I made the game so much harder to beat, along with an equal number asking why I made it so much easier to beat! Things can certainly change quickly.

Is this about correct for the dealer hits soft option. While there are rules that use the odds it allows no room for streaks, and ultimately causes you to lose if you gamble at all. The odds are against you from the start and yes you can practice and count cards all you like, but lady luck always, always wins.

Blackjack - Free Gambling Games I have decided to add more free blackjack games to the website. Although, some games are nearly impossible to do this for any of the burn, choice, most popular hindi mp3 songs 2013 duel or switch blackjack games comes to mind.

Again, just trust basic strategy. Sounds reasonable for the new version.

And I do understand how vulnerable all players are with European style no peek. The new format looks great. What resolution are you using? That water has a memory and homeopathy is legit. You are correct in thinking that the dealer is just as likely to get those extra face cards and Aces as you are.

First, you must realize that all of these games are intended to have about the same house advantage in favor of the casino. Hi, can i use the basic srategy playing rng bj like the one playtech offer in many different online casino, will it have the same effect as playing live casino? Thank you for your quick response, follow up question! The game has been slow and jerky the last few days. This software has evolved over many years incorporating feedback from some of the best players in the world.

Appreciate your help and any rationale you can provide for choices in these situations given the conditions of the table at which I shall be trying my luck. Hello Again, I recently finished my first month of card counting adventures. See Blackjack Surrender Explained. The confusion comes from the way that your balance increases after the hand, and then immediately decreases again as the next bet is automatically made. This makes the Trainer seem to have somewhat unrealistic outcomes.

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Look where casinos came from. Reminds me of the old days when people dressed up or like a James Bond movie, really cool to see. The correct strategy is hit.

At some point, the sidebar will reposition to below the game. Raising your bet or lowering it based on whether you win or lose is bullhonkey. Those questions are going to depend on your edge and how willing you are to play with an advantage for these long periods. Just started playing and want to get really good at black jack can u install a cheat such as best times to stay or hit? Wish you would modify the program to allow you to select a counting method from a few popular ones and them display the true count somewhere on the screen.

Yep, you should hit that against a dealer ten. So it becomes instinct after playing a few hundred hands. This seems to offer good odds. But everything works just the same.

Am I ready to take on the casino? Obviously, this doesn't mean that you always need to do exactly what the card says.

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Ken, I just jumped on the trainer after a few months absence. You are being confused by the way the bankroll is adjusted up when the bet is returned to your bankroll, and then down by the bet being made again. Regardless of how you wager it. Many of it counting cards. And yes, I get about an equal number of complaints about the game being rigged to be too easy and too hard.

If so, you are doing very good. Check it out and let me know what gives. Obviously an expensive mistake. It seems like it teaches people to stay home if they want to win. Yes, you can play as many spots as you like at the table in Casino Verite.

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Then why do casinos keep kicking people out and otherwise abusing them? When is using late surrender with the dealer ace trainer first offers surrendering instead of insurance. So I guess my question is which one is it? Perhaps you were previously visiting from a desktop computer instead?