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Thaddeus Marik has become the figurehead for a new community of worlds attempting to resurrect the Free Worlds League. Even the most down on their luck units can find work here.

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BattleTech Novel List

Instead, they narrate stories of small units or individual characters that have no impact on the greater storyline. Nothing will stop them from raising the Star League banner over Earth once again. Ives Compact on a peacekeeping mission only to find a world where its people have turned completely hostile towards them. With dignitaries from across human space arriving to honor a fallen hero, Terra becomes a pressure cooker that may just explode and bring devastation to everyone.

Each fully illustrated entry in these reference books contains complete BattleTech game statistics. Additional BattleTech books were published in Germany which have not been translated into English to date. BattleTech books have been translated into at least fifteen languages. The following sourcebooks expand those faction settings in various ways.

Strana Mechty, the homeworlds of the Clans, itself! George, a Clan Nova Cat warrior, is captured by Clan Ghost Bear where he becomes a rising star through a combination of luck and skill.

Book one of The Jade Phoenix Trilogy. And behind it all, ComStar lurks, ready to betray their Clan allies for the chance to fulfill their destiny as the saviors of humanity.

The Draconis Combine hires out the famous Northwind Highlanders for a daring mission into clan space. Clan Wolf has awaken to the desires to conqueror Terra. For years, Star Commander Joanna has had to live with the shame of the Jade Falcon defeat at Twycross, and the nightmares of the heroic Aidan Pryde flaunting his bloodname in her face. The nearly non-existent militia must not only find it first, but then figure out of a way to get the raiders off their planet. Policical chaos invites a Draconis Combine attack on the breakaway planet McGehee, in an attempt to conquer the now unaligned world before it can join another realm.

But when he is forced to train alongside the outcast Nova Cats, he finds that his own notion of honor is a far cry from his leader's. Book three of The Blood of Kerensky Trilogy. Enter the infamous Detective Jack Ramsey.

When the Gray Death Legion is called upon to put down this very rebellion, they all find themselves pawns in a deadly game of manipulation and betrayal. Even masquerade as the thing he has been taught to despise. Two decades later, Bekker is a warrior with an undistinguished history that hides a shameful secret. Book two of The Warrior Trilogy. Book six of The Twilight of the Clans series.

The war changes the direction of the Falcons forever. Book two of The Jade Phoenix Trilogy. Such events breathe life not only into the fiction players read, but the games they play. Book Two of the Republic in Flames duology.

For two years, the Clans BattleMech war machines have overwhelmed the armies of the corrupt Successor Lords. His rightful Bloodname denied him.

The rebels bring in nuclear weapons at the climax and Masters is installed as the noble ruler. But being the Gaming World's Champion is the least of his worries as conflicts abound, from the arrival of a former lover to the assassination plot of a political leader. For Palmer Yoshio, the Draconis Combine is the only honorable thing in a chaotic galaxy.

Now his enemies are on the move, taking the Marik-Steward Commonwealth planet by planet. The Dragoons, themselves former Clanners, intend to train the heirs of the Successor States to fight and defeat the Clans, if old prejudices and hatreds don't tear the Inner Sphere apart first. It is their final bid to claim victory, bring a tyrant to justice, and return the thrones of two interstellar nations to benevolent rule. Arianna Winston is leading a desperate defensive on Huntress while enraged Clan Smoke Jaguar troops flood the field. The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.

Nothing we have can stop them. Book seven of The Twilight of the Clans series. As they prepare an ambush on Clan forces, mercenaries recount a story from two decades earlier where their unit was betrayed by their employer, and almost destroyed. Tara Campbell not only must stop the Wolf leader, but also confront a traitor closer to home. Seven stories of incredible attacks from beyond known space.

Morgan Hasek-Davion is dead. They are related only by theme, not by plot or character.

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Duke Aaron Sandoval uses his nephew Erik to make alliances and oppose the Capellan advance into the Republic. Strife continues to build in the Republic government and the new Exarch struggles to repair the damage. Where Archer and his Avengers must confront legendary mercenary unit, Snord's Irregulars, and convince them to join Victor's army on eve of their contract expiring. But their invitation is more than merely social.

Phelan Kell has followed in his father Morgan's footsteps and serves in the mercenary Kell Hounds. An heir to the Usurper Stefan Amaris appears deep in the periphery, and it is up to a crack team of Free Worlds League troops to infiltrate his operation and assassinate the would-be Star Lord. The Federated Commonwealth and the Draconis Combine, interstellar empires at war for years, must now stand side-by-side or face certain destruction.

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Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Led by the bloodthirsty Dirk Radick, forces of Clan Wolf launch an assault to take the valuable planet from the inexperienced troops. Among the Clans, Khan Malvina Hazen of the Jade Falcons hunts for the next enemy to crush beneath her brutal Mongol Doctrine, and the warrior Alaric Wolf makes his move into the halls of power. The Clan invaders are driving toward their ultimate objective - Terra, cradle of humankind and hub of the ComStar communications network. The unit's friend and Combine liaison Minobu Tetsuhara is caught between duty and friendship as war looms.

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With almost thirty years of history, BattleTech has hundreds of rulebooks, sourcebooks, and scenario packs that are long out of print. Katrina Steiner-Davion continues her tyrannical rule as her deposed brother, Victor, slowly wins back the empire Katrina stole from him. To win the right to join his Clan in battle, he must succeed in trials that will forge him into one of the best warriors in the galaxy, ing civil engineering books or break him completely. The Clanners and the strangeness of their society and obvious military might are also introduced here.