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How to use your Airstream without any hook-ups (aka Dry-Camping)

Fill in first row from Specification Section of this manual. One characteristic of this system is the one second delay after a pad has been depressed. If hot, or if you see smoke seeping through cracks, don't open that door! Available with gauges, too.

Turn off your ad blocker if you have one. If connected at a fuse, check for a blown fuse. Any plumbing supply can get them, 1950 carbon dating including online sources. You also have to first modify the front of the fiberglass surround so you can access the recessed Thetford foot pedal. They are clearly marked and your dealer should have explained the functions of each at time of purchase.

Plus we have found that this is the best way to satisfy Brian who rather rough it in the woods and myself a certified city girl. Actuate the toilet flush valve and drain the water from the toilet supply tank. We have been using the water tank as we travel.

Airstream Classic 33FB

The diagrams for these fuse panels are shown later in this section. Portion of two tires are supporting the full load. Refer to the motor assembly exploded view drawing, on the page C for the item numbers referred to in these instructions. Run the pump to purge it of water, look for low points, and tilt the trailer as high and low as possible using the tongue jack. The large pedal opens and closes the slide mechanism, and the smaller pedal opens and closes a water valve.

Spot clean this fabric either with a mild solvent or a water-based cleaning agent. Keep it in a convenient place for reference. So, its like something in that connection is blocking water from entering.

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On these demand type systems it is recommended that you use an accumulator to prevent the pump from coming on every time you open the tap. Are replacements available? It is strongly recommended that all occupants remain seated with their safety belts firmly attached while the motorhome is in motion.

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Regular use of the following list will provide safe operation of your motorhome and will help you spot any malfunctioning equipment and correct the problem as soon as possible. One source of these materials is Fiberglass Coatings, Inc. They were a trip and I give them credit for jumping in feet first. We left it for a month over Christmas, and picked it up about a week ago.


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Typically, the gray water tank water from shower and faucets will fill up first. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. The manufacturer requests that technical and warranty questions be directed to them. If the reading is zero when the ignition is on, check the connection of the yellow wire at the vehicle's fuse panel.

Basecamp Water Hookups and Tanks

Any damaged wire must be replaced. For large area damage, or for all over repairs, the area can be repaired using fiberglass resin and mat, and then sprayed with colored gelcoats. These more modern fittings were still Thetford. However, you will also find the manufacturer's information supplied in a.

  1. The tank flush is only for use with hookups.
  2. We can fill the tank using the other access, and the water works fine from the tank.
  3. One is a standard O-Ring, and the other two round and rectangular flat gaskets can be cut from a sheet of gasket material.
  4. If you need to replace the valve itself, here is a restoration topic on how to do it.
  5. It was not winterized, and was in an area not below freezing.
  6. The second step is to then isolate the section of the circuit with the fault.

Maintain your tanks and water supply The mistake in question the city

  • Hey i have a keyston abd live in it what do i have to do if i have it hooked up to a water spekit abd there is constint water running to my tralir is there somethung i should open.
  • Within the mechanism is a spring under compression.
  • The other thing is on the water valve if the handle turned on the shaft with out moving the valve.

Airstream realizes our customers possess varying degrees of expertise in the area of repairing and. Your motorhome chassis is pre-checked by its manufacturer before delivery to Airstream. The black water tank sewage is good for several days up to a week depending on the size of your Airstream. The city water inlet is a standard garden hose thread. Yes, there's a lever that we flip from city water to fill, so it changes from filling the tank to city water.

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The motor must be operational to test the control unit using this procedure. Use your Blue Tank connected to the dump fitting with a short piece of garden hose with a female connection on each end. While traveling in these states you must use your common sense.

All- steel radial tires utilize steel cords in the sidewalls, and also require increased inflation pressures. The following information is provided by the Michelin Technical Group. Let it sit for a few hours or overnight, christian speed then drain everything. Could you give us the information regarding a compost toilet?

Airstream 360 XC Land Yacht Owner s Manual

The tires installed on your Airstream motorhome are engineered to provide a proper balance of performance characteristics for normal vehicle operation. The strainer should be visually checked for accumulation of sand or debris that could affect water flow. Also, keep your tank filled in between trips to prevent exposed walls in your tank.

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In camp with sewer hookups, your dump valve is closed, trapping waste in the black tank, and the outside dump fitting has a hose going to the sewer connection in place of the cap. After the installation is complete and with the entrance door open, charlotte and gaz turn the power switch on. Hardwood Flooring Daily care for the planked hardwood floor is by vacuuming. Modern sewer hose fittings wont fit. Your production motorhome may vary slightly.

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Some people leave the gray tank valve open until a day before they need to dump black so that the gray can partially fill. Solvent and welding may work better, but often the tank will crack again where the tank was made thinner by the repair. You lose the china bowl, but it beats using a tree. This will protect the drain until the water evaporates. When you stop for the night, your Airstream motorhome can be safely parked in any spot that is relatively level and where the ground is firm.

Make sure your Black and Gray Water tanks are empty. The primary uses for the generator are recharging batteries and running high wattage appliances. This happened to me last fall. You can even get the whole pump for new installations.

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