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Deleting that file did not help on a long term basis, but by disabling the welcome screen it bypasses that file and will close normally. Are you sure it's not something that the process is kicking off after an update, such as causing Acrobat to open?

Install the latest updates. Another way through the closing process of loading system. Dov Isaacs indicated that this is an Acrobat X Pro issue and nothing do do wiht the printer. This is a big deal to our company, the solution mentioned above is a quick fix but can't work for us as we print hundreds of pages at the same time and this is very time consuming.

Did you read Dov Isaacs answer? Please type your message and try again. And what if I forward this document to a client and the client tries to print it.

When printing from Acrobat, do you select the paper size from the Properties dialog accessed next to the printer name in the print dialog? Any thoughts on how to terminate process automatically without having to manually end the process via the task manager? Either way, this might be good to try on a few of our users.

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Hi, I tried this but it does not resolve the problem. There are more components to it than a welcome screen. We are using postscript drivers.

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Yes, but i believe to have found a work-around solution. The workarounds I found were all in this already print as image, force change the page size. Since we do engineering work, the scale of the image is important, so it is extremely disappointing that this function does not work properly.

You might try seeing if there are newer PostScript drivers for the device in question that you can download and install. However, it is still not working for me. Thank you for the opportunity to share this. My first step in cases like this is to upgrade the printer driver. Tried on multiple printers with same result.

Acrobat Reader Der beste PDF-Viewer ist jetzt noch besser

This is happening with a number of devices in my company and is a common waste of man-hours at the moment. The script is optimized in order to minimize itself burdened processor.

Here is the link to the discussion thread, but more importantly, the work around. Our company has been faced with the same issue. Have you installed the latest update? You can not post a blank message. Which of the following retains the information it's storing when the system power is turned off?

Acrobat Reader Der beste PDF-Viewer ist jetzt noch besser

Inside the script, to the beginning of the several parameters can be determined, for example. If you don't have mixed page sizes, use the Properties dialog to set the paper size through the print driver and see if that fixes the problem.

There is then no need for any changes to the registry, parameters or settings Acrobat Reader. Perhaps if that can be installed that would allow for making a combined pdf from excel sheets that will print out correctly. Choose Paper Source by pdf page size. Please provide more information as to what version of Acrobat and what type of printer brand, model, PostScript or non-PostScript, dilwale dulhania le jayenge hindi movie video songs etc.

Is anyone still having problems with this? We have multiple models of Canon printers and Sharp Printers and it occurs on all of them. If there are no newer drivers that fix the problem with the particular printer manufacturer, you may try reaching their technical support folks and reporting the issue. Will post back the outcome.

That having been said, I have taken a very strong interest in checking the print issues discussed in this thread. No I am still having the same issues with the latest update.

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The first page prints fine, but from the second page onwards only half the page is printing. How can you alleviate these issues? Can be useful on the server, the work of many users.

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The script closes all processes meet the criteria for any user, of course, not the system that can not be closed. This is not enough to resolve the issue completely.

Hey Dov, what have you been doing - running for Congress? However this is very time consuming. If this parameter contains a long name with a space, you must enclose the parameter in quotation marks.

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After trying the most direct routes, going through the directory and making changes, the solution worked! The only solution we have found was to print one page at a time. This is what you can do to fix it.

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